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CedarCraft Rules and Guidelines

Please make sure that you read our rules fully and abide by them at all times

By entering into the CedarCraft website, game server or discord you fully accept all terms and conditions of the rules shown here and understand that appropriate action will be taken upon breaking them

Community guidelines (website, game server, discord)

  • Be respectful
    • You must not abuse or harass other players at any time through any means
    • You must not build offensive structures on the server such as swastikas
    • Profanity must be kept to a minimum and content family-friendly
  • English only in public channels
    • You must speak English in public channels on the forums, discord and game server
    • You may communicate in other languages through private conversations
    • Other languages in public channels may result in you being muted
    • Your should not spam the chat or use excessive use of CAPS LOCK
  • No advertising
    • You must not advertise other minecraft servers in any way
  • Do not ask for staff positions
    • Promotions to staff are made on an invitation-only basis

Minecraft server rules

  • No griefing
    • You must not destroy or modify the creations of others without permission
    • You must not steal from others
    • You must not kill animals belonging to other players
    • You must not harm other players unless in a PvP arena. This includes using potions that create a negative effect
  • No unfair modding or exploiting
    • You must not use client-side tools designed to give an unfair advantage
    • You must not exploit any bugs in the game such as duplication bugs
    • Mods that do not give unfair advantage such as minimap mods are fine. If unsure, ask a member of staff before using a client-side mod
  • No automatic farming
    • You must not use fully automatic farms - i.e. those that do not require direct interaction to work
      • Automatic chicken farms using hoppers to catch eggs are an exception to this rule and are permitted. Please limit 20 chickens per chunk.
    • You may use semi-automatic farms, such as those activated by pushing a button
    • This is to protect players from lag spikes. If you are unsure if your farm would be automatic or semi-automatic, please make sure to ask a mod first
  • Environment guidelines
    • These intend to prevent the server from looking ugly and unnatural. Builds not following these guidelines may be moved/removed without warning or compensation by staff and repeated breach of these guidelines may lead to a ban. If you are unsure about anything, please ask a member of staff
    • You should not build large, unnatural structures
      • For example 1x1 towers, 1x1 holes/tunnels or large floating dirt platforms
      • Floating structures that are meant to be floating, such as planes, are permitted however, as are natural-looking floating islands over water
    • You should build considerately, distancing your build at least roughly fifty blocks from others’ and roughly one hundred blocks from towns
    • You should aim to keep the main world looking as natural as possible. Use the resource world for mass excavating

If you are banned you may appeal only on the appropriate page. Do not post appeals in the shoutbox or send staff emails, they will be ignored. Alternate accounts to get around a ban will result in getting the alternate account  and IP banned

These rules are a thorough but by no means exhaustive list. CedarCraft administrators reserve the right to remove players who present a harm to the server and/or community without warning outside of the rules as written above. The above rules are subject to change at any time without warning with immediate effect

About CedarCraft

At over seven years old, marking its beginnings in 2011, CedarCraft has grown to have one of the closest communities in Minecraft.

From the dedicated staff team to all of the members who make us who we are, the welcoming CedarCraft community is the one to be a part of

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