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  1. lebh

    The Banner Guy

    Yeah, it would be nice with more layers on the banner, its always been an annoyance that Mojang has made a limit for it. There is a plugin that upgrades the limit, might be an idea to look into: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/betterbanner.63993/
  2. lebh

    unclogg list

    That is amazing work once again 😀, yeah the only thing that I think could be added are: - ANDESITE - RED_SAND - RED_SANDSTONE Fell like you covered the rest, Nice to see this plugin spark to life again it has a lot of nice features.
  3. That is lovely work basic! 😀 I saw log was on there but it really didn't work, but it would be nice to add the different variants once on the door list if it's possible, but maybe it didn't work due to it needs to be added the different variants or since it has different directions it doesn't work. These are just my suggestion what would be nice to have added to the bridge/door. Bridge - DARK_PRISMARINE - PRISMARINE - PRISMARINE_BRICKS - STONE_BRICKS - PURPUR_BLOCK - END_STONE_BRICK - RED_NETHER_BRICKS - QUARTZ_BLOCKS Door: - OAK_PLANKS - DARK_OAK_PLANKS - ACACIA_PLANKS - SPRUCE_PLANKS - JUNGLE_PLANKS - BIRCH_PLANKS - QUARTZ_BLOCKS - POLISHED_DIORITE - POLISHED_ANDESITE - POLISHED_GRANITE - RED_NETHER_BRICKS - NETHER_BRICKS - STONE_BRICKS
  4. I think we player should be able to modreq empty shops where the player has been inactive, then a mod/staff can place a sign (depending on the case) in front of the saying empty. cause that is more frustrating when going into a shop and thinking they got stuff in stock, of course, player must be allowed to take a break, but think it should be a 2-4 month grace period. cause if it is marked as empty then it's not as frustrating to check for new players and go into an inactive players shop that is out of stock. but the long term solution is to get back the system where we were only allowed to buy for 1 month extra.
  5. lebh

    unclogg list

    Just a quick suggestion, is to get a lot of the common blocks when mining or digging on sand, etc on that list, as it is frustrating the list is so small of possible blocks that can be added. and some of the drops from mcmmo digging sand is frustrating to pick up like the disc and cake. Right now it almost doesn't make any difference from using nothing compared to having unclog plugin. I know the list was a lot bigger on the previous map but looks like its back to default. The plugin itself is great when it works if blocks like the new diorite that got added a bit ago got added to the list, would be nuked too, it would be lovely 👍
  6. Just a suggestion for craftbook, with making a bridge or a door using craftbook [bridge] and [door], it becomes a bit boring or bland to only use oak-planks, cobble, normal glass... I would like to suggest to add many of the new blocks that have been added since minecraft beta version. Not even colored glass works so it becomes a bit frustrating. Cause right now it's not even fun building out of those primitive blocks makes the build look a bit ugly IMO. Bridge config: [COBBLESTONE, WOOD, GLASS, DOUBLE_STEP, WOOD_DOUBLE_STEP] Door config: [COBBLESTONE, WOOD, GLASS, DOUBLE_STEP, WOOD_DOUBLE_STEP]
  7. Just a follow up on the outpost part, I believe it has been fixed in towny version , not sure what version we are using. Just wanted to inform you guys about that. 🙂
  8. Hehe 😀 you figured out my master plan. Just thought it was an easy resource load for the server as it was just a GUI plugin, that would help everyone that has a town. but also heard that it's possible to create our own custom one since we have a GUI plugin that could be something to look in too if it's not too difficult.
  9. I have a small suggestion, I see a lot of new players are getting into towny, and many of them are struggling. I can understand that as it is a complicated system. And has a lot of commands, and have a lot of stuff. It can even come a bit overcomplicated for me that has used it several times. To ease that up I saw there was a fancy GUI for it, that looks very promising and would help new/old player. Cause most of the time, new mayor asks a question what command to use for certain towny stuff. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/townygui-3-years-customizable-1-7-10-1-13.9493/
  10. Just my coworker how took a random picture of me 😋
  11. Yeah, Thanks, I'll make a new post for each new suggestion, or if it's in the same category, I will put it inside one post 🙂 from now on.
  12. I also forgot to ask, (since I can not edit post) what about comments about same topic like I had in the first part of that reply is that okay? Disscusing view points back and forth, or is it final when an admin has spoken?
  13. Oh sorry, I just assumed it would be fine, well as I had different replies to your post as well, and thought it would be okay. 🙄 Do you want me to move it to a different post? Do you also want me to split it up in all the diffrent categories or if it just a suggestion to have it in a separate thread, so it will be easier to move it to completed or rejected? (cause I like brainstorm sometimes in bigger threads but of course I can split them up)
  14. I will just continue my tread with suggestion and feedback. Thanks for the reply, much appreciated getting some feedback back, what the admins are thinking, it's more encouraging that way. Holo display Not sure if your answer is yes or no, yes, of course, I agree with you, that if it is spammed down, as some server do, then it looks ugly, it needs to be used as little as possible, to preserve how the spawn looks, but new players these days don't read regular signs, and I still think it would be a nice feature, we old players are used to reading vanilla signs, so no problem there. Just help for these young new ones. Towny co-mayor Thanks that helps a lot, as far as I have tested all the command seam to work 😄 Egging villager I will just say a few words regarding that, it might feel a bit OP, but when it comes to transporting villager that is easy, just put them in a boat, jump in the boat, tp where you want, the villager, they are still in the boat. So don't see that much difference from doing that compared to egging them, but that is my opinion, but if the suggestion is set in stone ill it. New suggestions/feedback: Towny outpost The last map we had 4 outpost that was possible to make, this map seems to be disabled, is it possible to consider to get them back? They are very handy for the whole town and can be used for all kind of stuff, like having everyone in town teleport to a place like a "public" town farm etc. Purchasable extra plots. I would like to also have the possibility to purchase extra plots for the town limit. in config.yml for towny, under "max_purchased_blocks:100 "cost 100" I would say that a nice number would be 100 extra plot for 100e that would be 10 000 a nice ember drain for people who are running a town or the cost could be even higher. But I would say that if you start a town this is really helpful as plot limit is quite low unless you join a nation. This creates an additional problem where everyone wants to be in the same nation for the plot bonus. Changelog Right now some of the changes done to the server are not mentions, and it is just speculations and found out by testing things. And what would be nice is have just a channel on discord that tells us about those changes, just a 1 line post. Cause I have asked a lot of times rock what happened here, this does not work and just been told its been change or something along those lines. This also leads to confusion with players as we don't know whether we're imagining it or something actually changed, and often we will never know the answer. Redstone crashes This is really annoying, I don't believe anyone has a huge contraption that creates lag, so it's very annoying to reset cause it freezes totally up, and you have to sometimes break it, and hopper auto sort filters sometimes freeze up too, so I got to fix that, and it can be really frustrating. I believe it has been lowered before it activates, but I think the feature should be lowered further or ideally just disable it. The frustration of it being broken is even worse than the lag we sometimes encounter. Jobs / Ranks Having more than 1 job. If anyone that has more than one job, they will take a hit to the earned doing that job, which doesn't make sense. So if anyone has been wondering why I only have one job, that's why I dropped all my jobs just to finish my hunter to level 100. so I think that should be disabled, its kind of unfair cause we get rewarded to rank up and use the money on being able to join more jobs, but then, on the other hand, we get punished. I believe the hit is 5% on ember and 1% on the XP. that is quite a lot when you start getting to a high level. and that is for every job you have, so if you join 4 jobs you will have 3% less , and 15% less ember pr thing you do for that job... I know there is a place in the settings to disable this. General for jobs I have used about 456+ hours (865 597 mob kills) to reach level 100 hunter. This is an insane amount of time ( to get an idea, check how many hours you've put into your favorite Steam game, then imagine you only during that time, nothing else). On Runescape, a game known for the grind, it takes about an average of 300 hours to reach 99 (max level). Some skills are about 200 hours. And yet I reach hunter 100, with a really really well-optimized hunter farm (hint: not the guardian farm), plus the fact that I left all other jobs. So our jobs plugin right now is more than a game known for being . 😛 think that this needs a buff, but that is for every job, as people seem to give up on jobs as they are too far out of reach for the average player. It can still be really by using half the time it currently takes. I reached max rank (XV) almost the same time as I got to 100 , and I think I should be able to reach 2 jobs to level 100 when max rank -- that would make more sense. The ember gain I feel like is fair for most jobs, I think farmer/excavator needs maybe a slight buff when it comes to ember, and we all know miner needs it, but the main problem is XP for all jobs. but if you guys want to keep the grind that high I think you should remove the XP lost when leaving a job. Hunter - mob spawner As I have really good knowledge about how hunter feels, I think that hunter should earn XP and ember when using a mob spawner. Even if it is just 50% of it. It should still earn /ember from it, cause right now, there are too many jealous people, causes too much drama due to people not wanting to share farms anymore, and does not help us have a sense of community as everyone wants to keep their farms private and not share. So I would suggest just to make it so that they also earn for mob spawner. As I can see that it is possible to adjust how much you earn from mob spawners (https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/jobs-reborn.4216/update?update=20586).

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