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  1. Was too late to edit, but cocoa beans, pumpkins, and melons salso appear to not be working.
  2. Everything seems to work other than nether wart. When trying to destroy it, it gives the messages "allies cannot destroy here."
  3. What about a few glass variants? I don't know about anyone else, but I've never used plain glass ever since stained glass was added. Maybe we could have just a few of the colors? White, black, and blue being the ones I see used the most.
  4. *reports Geo for rickrolling* 😉
  5. Didn't we have that on map 3 (don't know about other maps) that if the space ran out of rent and wasn't renewed, it just auto-reset? Maybe that's me not knowing what's going on behind the scenes.
  6. Yeah on previous maps we've had shops only last for 1 month, and you had to be online to make sure you bought your shop again otherwise it would reset. The server isn't as busy as it was back then, so I think maybe every 3 months would be okay, but then again some of us have paid for 1 or 2 years worth of rent already 😛 One potential problem is that, if we reset all these shops, the /shops might start looking barren and empty. Right now, it looks lived in (even though it's kind of an illusion what with all the inactive players). If there are more and more empty shops sitting there every few months, it will look worse even if there would be more spaces to choose from.
  7. The songs only prove my theory even more. Everyone knows the nether is just the worst!!
  8. I feel like strongholds were built by ancient ender dragon worshipers, like maybe there was a group of acolytes who thought the dragon was a god, so they built a stronghold around the portal to her realm to make it harder for non-believers to get in. Nether fortresses I think were created by the first explorers who made it to the nether (so, villagers). Then they figured out the nether sucks, and that's why no villagers have made a portal in centuries. Then they made 2 songs about the experience. This one, about "never ever" going to the nether, and this one called "screw the nether," which really speaks for itself.
  9. What's your suggestion 😛 You didn't actually say.
  10. It did make for a nice griefer trap, but I don't want mods and everyone throwing their time into keeping it nice, so it was better to do something about it. 🙂
  11. Update: Due to another grief, we have temporarily set up a whitelisted region on the area, with all ranked members (VIP, VIP+, LifeVIP, Legend) set as owners. This will be the solution going forward unless/until the area can be changed to farm plots. This also means that now, those of us with ranks will need to manually add non-ranked players to the farm if they're trusted enough by the community to use it (so, probably not someone who joined 10 minutes ago and has never spoken, lol). I don't intend to exclude any regular players this way; I want to stress this is only meant to keep out "unknown" players. For example, here is what the /rg info looks like: (You can see that I have already added conga, and I will be going through and adding more of our regular non-rankeds after posting.) To add a member to the region, type: /rg addmember towny_publicfarm <player> Replace <player> with the username of the player. All region owners and staff have access to this command. Everyone please feel free to add any member to the region at any time -- it's not meant to be only my region where only I decide who uses it. It is meant to be for everyone to use.
  12. It's cause I made my best friend on Runescape complete this quest called Legends' Quest with me, which was considered intermediate difficulty at the time because of the skill requirements. I bought and gathered all the things we needed, meanwhile he whined that I was being a slave driver for making him get 45 agility or whatever it was. I dragged him all over Karamja telling him "ok now we're supposed to do this." Fun times. 😛 Then after you completed it, you could get into the Legends' Guild and buy yourself a Cape of Legends, which was also considered a pretty good cape since it wasn't super hard to get nor was it expensive. There weren't a lot of people who completed the quest either, it was more like a thing only "questers" did, which made it more special to me. I used to get compliments and stuff on my name. Idk, it meant something to me anyways, cause there were all these memories attached to it about the clan I used to run with. Then freaking League came out and ruined all that, so....
  13. That better not be another Kansas joke. I bet it is. Oh no.

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