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  1. I'm not even sure if we can remove the limit (and I'm not sure why Mojang capped it...) - only way I know of to bypass it is with command blocks, which doesn't help you at all heh.
  2. rocksvin

    unclogg list

    Brown mushroom, red mushroom, flint, glowstone powder, gunpowder, bone, egg, apple, string, cocoa beans, soul sand and nether quartz are some of the things I'd like on there - mostly excavation related.
  3. I'm sure there's a way to set it up so that WE would automatically empty the region space, but I doubt there's a way to store the blocks deleted, along with chest contents. 😕
  4. This is absolutely a problem, I agree. But the solution would get me banned, I'm afraid.
  5. It's especially true for #2, because that saves you using a spoon to stir the cup with, since the milk has already been diluted by the splashing water!
  6. No logs no, and if I'd catch whoever actually dug out the platform sending players to their death I'd perm ban them without reprieve - I honestly have a feeling it's not just your average player doing this either. Either way, that platform being bedrock solves the problem, but I'd very much like to see it added automatically with each reset, in any way possible. (edit: because, obviously, this is why we can't have nice things)
  7. No, I'm afraid we can't automatically do it as of yet, normally an admin will have to jump into the world as it opens up and place down a bedrock platform right below the spawn point, I can't do it myself since I have no perms for interdimensional travel (multiverse :p). But did she die today? I don't quite understand how it happened, has there been nothing done there the last 3-4 days or what 😕 edit: Added a bedrock platform at /theend, for all I know whatever platform was there in the first place must have been taken out by a player allowing whoever walked through to fall to their death - but I'm surprised the portal/command would even let her in there if there was no safe spot, it's supposed to prevent that.
  8. Had a feeling this one would make a return, was considering selling enchanted stuff for a while but decided I'd wait for you to open 😄 Good luck!
  9. The board has been expanded with additional 10 spots to match the shop additions!
  10. I would rather see exceptions added to the list of auto farms than allowing every single one. If we would allow auto farming, someone, somewhere, would make one that pukes out 320k melon slices per hour (as an exaggerated example) which would indeed cause lag - but smaller scale ones don't really. There are some new cactus farm designs out there relying on swinging piston arms next to cactus blocks making them grow much faster and from what I've heard and seen they cause little to no lag at all, tps nor fps. Like I said though, it's a rabbit hole we'd jump down into, there has to be an upper limit on what's ok or not because right now we only have an arbitrary rule surround it (if it causes lag, we'll tear it down etc.) but I wouldn't like to be the guy who zaps around the server trying to find out what farm in particular is causing the issues, and to be frank there's a whole lot of people who don't even care or know if their contraption causes lag, so they just run it anyway (read: pumping 150+ cows into a 5x5 pen).
  11. but if they say @name, doesn't that sounds come from discord? 😄
  12. What I think he wants is a rank with the same perms as mayor, so 2 people can run a town efficiently without having to wait for the other one to log on.
  13. I went ahead and plopped down a billboard for you guys - you can place a sign with some info about your shop on the wood blocks! Travel to /shops and it'll be right in front of you. A map of where you can place your sign:
  14. Assuming veloci will vote for star wars, with all the memes he sports around that franchise 😄 Unless you add a jurassic park category, for the raptors..

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